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Wyrd May Newsletter Posted

Ok, so it's actually the first day of June, but Wyrd had this up yesterday afternoon, so it was still May when it hit. Squeaking in just over the line, though. But better late than never, as this issue is filled with all sorts of information about Malifaux releases, Darkness Comes Rattling expansions, and The Other Side stuff, plus more.

From the post:


We're back with another monthly newsletter to let you all know the latest happenings this side of the Breach. The annual con season is ramping up and Wyrd will be coming in full force at Origins in just a few short weeks. The awesome Asian Ruins Wyrdscape bases that you can see in the image above is just a sample of what we'll have to offer. We're hoping to see you there!

This month’s newsletter covers the Through the Breach campaign wrapping up, the upcoming Total Testosterone painting competition, the Other Side's Backerkit, the Darkness Comes Rattling expansion (War of the Spirits), and some of our upcoming releases.