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Wyrd Launches New Website

Sometimes you just need a facelift. I've been watching a lot of Kitchen Nightmares lately (because why not?) and seen a lot of restaurants that needed their look updated (good lord some of those looked terrible). The same can be said for websites. Let's face it, website decor goes through phases (how about those old Geocities sites, eh?) and you need to keep up with the "hip, modern trends." (lord knows we just updated a little under a year ago) Wyrd has done just that with their website.

This new version of the site is easier to navigate, has more information, and has more images from the various Wyrd games. Speaking of information, they've posted a new, up-to-date list about what will be with them at Gen Con (we got a "releases from August and September" bit before, but now this is an itemized list).