Wyrd June releases and price increases

Wyrd Miniatures have announced their June Malifaux releases and also posted news about an upcoming prices increase.

From their announcement:

June’s releases are finally up in the web store – our apologies for those of you who have been waiting on them, we’ve had a bit of a delay as we were off to Origins last week. Fear not though, they are available and have been shipped to all distributors and have started to make their way to your local retailers.

June releases are:

  • WYR1023 – Scales of Justice
  • WYR3019 – Electrical Creation
  • WYR4024 – Poltergeist
  • WYR5021 – Steampunk Abomination – Pack 1
  • WYR5027 – Student of Conflict
  • WYR5030 – Steampunk Abomination – Pack 2

In July, there will also be a price change on our product. Like everyone, we are forced to react to market conditions, and as such, we have done a critical analysis of our pricing. Starting July 18, new prices for Wyrd products will go into effect. We wanted to give you advance notice so that you have the ability to make any purchases you were planning at the old prices.

Lastly, go out and support your LGS. From July 1st through July 14th, if you purchase $75 or more of Wyrd product from your favorite local gaming store and send us an electronic copy of the receipt as proof, we’ll send you a free Gremlinette!