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Wyrd holding Gingerbread Terrain Contest for Charity

Wyrd wants to see your culinary and modeling skills at work with their Gingerbread Terrain Contest.
Someone needs to get Alton Brown in on this one.

From the announcement:

I'm excited to announce Wyrd's first ever ginger bread terrain building contest! The rules are simple, build a terrain piece or entire terrain board using gingerbread houses, take a picture, and post it on our forums by December 31st 2012 (11:59pm PST). You may build as many gingerbread terrain boards as you like, and enter as many pictures as you like.

We will pick our favorite entry and announce the winner on Wednesday January 2nd 2013. The winner will get to pick a charity of their choice (Note: at Wyrd's discretion*) and we will donate $500 to that charity! Have fun, and I can't wait to see all of the great gingerbread terrain you guys can come up with!