Wyrd goes plastic for Malifaux

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 27th, 2012

Wyrd has just made an announcement that they’re moving over to plastic for the production of Malifaux. Here’s a couple concept-to-model pieces they’re working on.

From the announcement:

You’ve been wondering, pondering, even hollering about what we’ve got coming up and it’s about time to let folks know what we’ve got going on.

Wyrd has traditionally done all of our models the old fashion way, sculpt, mold, metal .. good to go! And it hasn’t been bad for us at all. Unfortunately these last few years we’ve had to deal with rising metal costs as well as a horde of other issues that have for one reason or another caused us a bit of trouble that necessitated our move to plastic.

We found a fix to that and in doing so, we feel that we have seriously upped our game when it comes to quality, product and model options.

If you like our artwork, then odds are you’re going to love the miniatures, as we’ve moved from traditional sculpting to digital sculpting and from metal to high detail hard plastic (this isn’t your bendy stuff!). Below we’ve got a couple of shots to show you the progress from art to finished plastic product.

Oh, and the best part … we’re not raising our prices to do so. Better quality, more model options (heads, arms, weapons) at a better price.

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  • winter

    Super news! Malifaux has always been on my radar, but I shy away from games with all metal ranges. It just moved up my list of future games.

    Now if only Infinity would follow suit.

  • Now if only Infinity would follow

    Right. Some of their models with antenas and little wings or complex multipart poses would, at least, benefit from such a move.
    Not sure the metal lovers of their fan base would easily accept this though. Metal as a special “feel”. On the other hand I think that plastic suffers from a bit of prejudice.

  • TylerT

    i was never super impressed with their metal line (malifaux has always been more than the sum of it’s parts) and i am quite happy they are moving to plastic in fact this move has seriously made me think about getting back into the game.

  • Dude

    I’m surprised to hear this support for plastic. I guess Nemesis is right – I greatly prefer the small heft in a metal mini. I jumped waist-deep in the Sedition Wars kickstarter, so maybe I’ll change my mind when I try them.

    Fortunately for me, Infinity will never move to plastic.

  • TylerT

    I can understand the love of metal. it’s relativity new that hard plastic has been able to beat metal at a sculpt quality level. the new zvezda 1/72 samuri actually have clear lace on their armor and super crisp details. unthinkable at that scale a few years ago.

    I also find plastics are far more durable and easy to work with than metal. they are so light that i have begun to transport minis with nothing more than a box and some sticky tack

  • Fortunately for me, Infinity will
    never move to plastic.

    Never say never. :o)

    If the financial survival of the company or its profits are too much affected by metal prices they might change their mind. And I prefer to see them living much longer with such a good game and miniature line than being put out of business or being forced to downsize their activities…. Oh well there’s also the price increase option.
    Anyway plastics too will be affected by prices sooner or later…

    On the other hand I they could just improve their molding process to remove all the multi-part little bits that are unecessary that would be great as well. Antenas, wings, separated middle arms…. I think they’re trying to (I bought recently an odalisque with spitfire and was surprised there was only two part with a pin and a pre-drilled hole to fix an arm) and I wish they recast the older models if they finally found a way to reduce the unecessary multipart aspect of their minis.