Wyrd GenCon items available through Friday

By tgn_admin
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Aug 9th, 2011

Wyrd Miniatures is keeping their GenCon 2011 Malifaux and Puppet Wars releases online until Friday.

From their website:

Because of the issues that arose due to the incredible level traffic on our web store over Gen Con, we have decided to keep all the Gen Con special items available until this Friday, August 12th. We want to ensure that no one misses the opportunity to order due to the traffic, but more importantly, we are going through each order to ensure that no mistakes slip through, no one misses out due to technical issues. Nathan is spending the entire week reviewing every issue that may have cropped up.

Items that will remain on the Web Store include:

  • Nightmare Teddy
  • Dead Justice Box Set
  • 7 Avatars
  • 9 Alternate Masters

  • Are the alternate sculpts Gen Con exclusives or will they be coming into general distribution?

    • cad2112

      No. From a post on their forums. Cost with release dates. They were just releasing them early for Gen Con:
      9 Alternate Master Sculpts
      Sonnia Criid – $10.50 (Sep)
      Lady Justice- $10.50 (Nov)
      Perdita Ortega – $10.50 (Mar 2012)
      Seamus- $10.50 (Oct) Painted
      Ramos- $10.50 (Dec)
      Marcus- $10.50 (Feb 2012)
      Rasputina- $10.50 (Dec)
      Pandora- $10.50 (Nov)
      Zoraida- $10.50 (Jan)

  • Dead Kennedy

    Cool! I missed my chance this weekend, and kind of regretted it. Very classy of Wyrd to make up for the website’s hiccups. Heck, they end up selling more models!

  • Gannon

    Good news for those of us that weren’t able to make it. Thanks for the info Cad2112.