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Wyrd Games Releases April Issue of Wyrd Chronicles

As we get to the weekend, some of us will be headed to our LGS tomorrow in order to get a full day of gaming in. If you're like me, you're a morning person (so chances are you're not like me) and would therefore get to the LGS right at open and have a couple hours to kill before everyone else showed up. Well, in that downtime, a nice gaming magazine is a good thing to read. And if you so choose, that gaming magazine can be the latest issue of Wyrd Chronicles.


In this issue they have articles about deploying for maximum effect in Malifaux, a look at painting the Carrior Emissary, a Gambling Den for the Shifting Loyalties campaign, getting the most out of actionless duels, and a new one-shot adventure for Through the Breach. Plus lots of other things to keep you interested while everyone else slowly makes their way to the store.