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Wyrd Games Previews the Lord of Steel for The Other Side

Fridays are pretty damn awesome, if you ask me. This is well-known. Part of the reason is because Wyrd has their regular previews. Today, for The Other Side, we get a look at another Abyssinian commander. Now, when I think of the name "the Lord of Steel," I have a certain picture in my mind. I have to say, this figure comes pretty close to it.

From the post:

Happy Friday Wyrdos!

As has become the new normal, we have another Friday preview of The Other Side! This week we are taking a look at an awesome new Abysinnian commander, the Lord of Steel.

The Lord of Steel is a title given to Abyssinia's greatest warrior. The title currently resides with Yokowo Yemo, a skilled fighter and brilliant tactician. Yokowo joined the armed services at the age of sixteen and has been rising through the ranks ever since.