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Wyrd Games Posts October Releases for Malifaux

October seems to be made for Wyrd. Or perhaps it's vice-versa. Either way, it seems the two were made for each-other. As such, you can expect a lot of new minis for Malifaux, and that is certainly the case. The new sets include their first Story Encounter & Adventure Box, which has Malifaux models, but also a Through the Breach adventure.
Oh, there's also The Darkness Comes Rattling. I guess that's pretty important. ;)

The new releases are:
• Lucky Effigy
• Pale Rider
• Brotherhood of the Rat
• Brutal Effigy
• The Guilty
• Mannequins/Performers
• Wong Crew
• Shenlong Crew
• Abuela

And, as-mentioned, Wyrd Games' new board game, The Darkness Comes Rattling is also available as part of their October releases.