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Wyrd Games Posts Malifaux 2.0 Rules Up For Free

Well, it's not really a Monday Preview this week from Wyrd. But it's certainly something that I think is just as good, if not a lot better. You've all read how I love when companies post up the rules for their games for free online. I think it shows a lot of trust in their product that you'll read them, see how great they are, then run out and buy the game. As a consumer, it also lets me pick and choose the games I know I'm going to like and only play those.

So now if you've played the original, but moved away from the game, or if you never had read the rules but were always interested, or if you'd never read the rules before but were never interested, you can check them out. Wyrd has also recently updated their organized play formats, so there's more people heading (back) to Wyrd. Check out the Malifaux 2.0 rules. They're free, so why not?