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Wyrd Games Posts Gen Con Newsletter

I mentioned in this previous Monday Preview from Wyrd that they generally have a big "Here's everything we're going to have at Gen Con!" sort of post. I kinda figured it'd be sometime this week, and I was right. Wyrd Games has give us their Gen Con Newsletter, letting us know what sort of pre-releases, special show figures, and special deals they'll be having in Indy.

There's going to be a giant load of pre-release models available, including new figures from the Ripples of Fate expansion for Malifaux. But the model shown above isn't a pre-release. No, that's a special alternate model for Willie, known as Miss Fire (get it?). She's free to people that order $100 worth of minis at the show, or online via the Wyrd Games webshop during the course of the show. So even if you can't make it to Indiana, you can still get this special edition mini.