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Wyrd Games Posts Black Friday Deals

While I think that October is my favorite month, November holds my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. Though, anymore, you can't talk about Thanksgiving without talking about the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, Black Friday, when the Christmas Shopping season officially begins. Well, the folks at Wyrd want to make sure you're prepared for that special day and have posted up what new figures they'll have available along with special deals they'll be running.

There's a whole list of pre-release minis that will be available during the run of the sale. You'll certainly want to check them out if you've been waiting for some stuff to come out, and just gotta have it as soon as possible. They're also going to be running two other specials, wherein you can get free minis for spending a certain amount. $150 in the shop will get you alternate sculpts of Rafkin and Guard Sergeant. $300 will get you alternate sculpts of Nicodem and Bishop. Hey, free stuff's always great.

The Black Friday Sale will take place from Wednesday, November 23rd until Friday, December 2nd in the Wyrd webshop.