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Wyrd Games Monday Preview Posted

So, there are some reasons to look forward to Monday. Many good webcomics update on Mondays (including my favorite). There's Moe Mondays, so you can go get a nice burrito for lunch. I'm told there's some decent Monday-night TV shows (I don't watch a lot of TV). You have your co-workers that you can catch up with about the weekend (if you like your co-workers, that is. I like mine just fine). There's also the Monday Preview from Wyrd Games.

This time around, we've got a look at the Bully Pursuit from the upcoming Through the Breach book, Under Quarantine (as opposed to Under Pressure, which is a song). As you can expect, intimidating and the like plays heavily into what they do every day. So, while it might not be a good idea to be a bully in real life, you can still be one in your games of pretend.