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Wyrd Games July News Posted

Wyrd Games has a couple news announcements they've made over on their page. Want to earn extra loot by attending events? Want to check out some Masters stat cards? Want to check out some new Iron Painter entries? Want to see some new artwork? You'll want to check it out.

Starting out, there's Guilders. What are Guilders? They're extra points you'll get from participating in Henchmen-run events. Those points can then be traded in for goods in the Wyrd webshop. After that, you know my love of posting rules online. Wyrd has done that by putting every Master's stat card up online in the particular part of their website. So go check out the faction, click on the Master, and you'll see the stats right there. After that, the Iron Painter competition is over, but the judges wanted in on the fun, so they created some of their own entries that you can go vote on. Finally, they've posted up artwork for all the figures coming out for the Gremlins in Ripples of Fate. There's a promise of more art previews as well.