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Wyrd Chronicles Issue 36 Available

Ok, so you've got a bunch more time on your hand, even after reading the latest issue of Game Nite. So, grab your copy of Wyrd Chronicles. Those other gamers will get here any time now.

In this issue:

Happy Friday Wyrdos! Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 36 is now live! Break on through to The Other Side.

Comparing Malifaux & The Other Side: An in-depth look at the differences and similarities in our two miniatures games!
Storming Into the Breach – Starting the Other Side: Interested in The Other Side but don’t know which Allegiance to pick or what you want in your Company? Let’s give you a hand.?
Little Star: A mother and daughter down on their luck as a mysterious light appears over London.
Painted Model Gallery: A close-up look of some of The Other Side’s fully painted models.
The Other Side – Battle Report: The Cult of the Burning Man and the King’s Empire duke it out in a play-by-play breakdown of The Other Side.
Lost at Sea – The Other Side Scenario: An Abyssinian destroyer gets bombarded by an unknown enemy. Can you survive the Hordes?