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Wyrd Chronicles Issue 17 Now Available

Wyrd has posted up issue 17 of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine for your downloading and reading pleasure. In this issue there are articles such as tips for using Conditions in games of Malifaux, a new scenario for Malifaux, a one-shot adventure for Through The Breach, a guide to painting their War Wabbit mini, and a bit of fluff about the bunnies of Malifaux.
And just going on record to say that the rabbit on the cover is creepy as hell.

From the announcement:

In this issue

Conditions in Malifaux: Tips for using conditions in Malifaux
Festival Day: It's a Wyrd Earth Day story
Scenario - Werebeasts: A new story scenario for Malifaux
Building a Park: Learn how to assemble some fantastic terrain!
Smuggler's Run: A one-shot adventure for Through the Breach
Luther the Pascha Hare: A hare raising tale full of cuddly (and nod so cuddly) bunnies
13 Lessons of War: Some tips by Sun Tzu on playing Malifaux
Tyrannus' Tutelary: A guide to painting the War Wabbit
Painting Contest Winners: Frozen Moments
Painting Contest Winners: Crystal Brush