Wyrd at GenCon 2010

Wyrd Miniatures will be attending Gen Con 2010 and have sent along some information about their booth and the specials available at the show.

From their announcement:

This year at Gen Con Wyrd will be at booth 2213 with all of our latest offerings. As always, we like to do something fun and this year we have two Special Edition miniatures.

The first is Miss Pack, an alternative sculpt to one of McMournings demented Nurses and this years Special Edition miniature. Spend a $100 or more in the Wyrd booth and you’ll get her free! A preview of her art card is below, with a painted miniature following here shortly.

The second is a miniature that will be only available during convention season, both at Gencon and online for the four days of the convention. This is the Nightmare Version of the Dreamer and companion, Lord Chompy Bits. Standing 72mm tall at the eyes, this is one BIG piece of metal which is completely usable for play in Malifaux and comes with stat cards for the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits, a new master for the Neverborn.

Due to the size of this piece, in order to keep costs reasonable, this will be only available for direct sale to customer, and only during convention season in limited quantities. This limited box set will retail for $60. A normal version of slightly less nightmarish size will be made available in the near future. Pictures of the painted product to follow shortly – in the mean time, artwork for the piece.

Also, releasing at Gencon and on pre-sale now at Battlefoam, the new Malifaux Battlefoam bag will be available.

More details and product previews to follow leading up to Gencon.