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WWII French Resistance Fighters just released by Force20

Force20 expands their WWII line with the release of their new French Resistance Fighters sets. Good for either your WWII-era miniatures games or any period dioramas you may be making, there are two new sets available in their webshop.
Force20 also gives us a look at what they have coming up. Coming in March will be early-war American miniatures sets.
Also coming in March are new Smugglers sets.


From the release:

DS-07 Ambush! Jedburghs and resistance fighters set the trap for unsuspecting German Occupiers. SOE Officer in a Dennison smock with Sten SMG and an OSS TSgt. in sweater over OD utility trousers firing a Colt .45 semi-automatic handgun. The resistance fighters – a female wireless operator, female firing MP40 SMG, 2x male fighters with MP40 SMG, 1x KaR98, 1x shotgun, and 1x pistol with stick grenade.. US$11.99

DS-07b Maquis: Five resistance fighters with rifle, shotgun, and MP-40s US$5.99

Coming March 2015 - DS-08 Forged in Battle: Early WWII Americans perfectly suited for Wake Island, Corregidor, etc… these figures will also be well suited for service as Philippine Scouts or as interwar US forces. One officer with Colt .45, one Thomson Submachine Gunner, one BAR Gunner, one M1917 Machinegun Team, one AA Machine Gunner, one Marine firing Winchester Model 12 pump shotgun (aka a Trench Gun), one Marine running with ammo can and firing Colt .45, one sniper with scoped M1903 Springfield rifle, three Riflemen with Springfield M1903 rifles. US$11.99 and DS-08b Marine Riflemen: A skirmish set including US Marines with a Thompson SMG, a BAR, and three with M1903 Springfield rifles. US$5.99

Also coming in March 2015 DS-09 Smugglers.

Coming to the Force20 Moderns and Dark-future range in March 2015
FV-01 Five-0: Fighting crime on and off the big island... US$5.99