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WWI 1914-1918 Raging Empires Rules - Free Download

Kallistra has posted up rules for their Raging Empires WWI rules on their website. They're free to download and try out, so why not take a look?

Raging Empires


From the post:

The Raging Empires rule system has been developed by WWI enthusiasts to create a fast-flowing game which captures the feel and flavour of this fascinating conflict. This draft version of the rules contains all the game mechanics necessary to re-fight historical battles in all theatres and phases of the First World War, from the war of movement of 1914 to the major battles of 1916. This will be extended to cover 1917-18 in the full set of Raging Empires due for Autumn release.

One A4 Quick Reference Sheet is sufficient to contain all the information necessary to play. The main rules need only be consulted when players are learning the rules, and occasionally thereafter to clarify situations as they arise.

The draft version of the Raging Empires fast-play, hex-based rules are available to download free from our website, along with Play Sheets and Unit Listings for 1914 Western Front. Visit the Raging Empires page for more information.

Feedback on the Raging Empire system is welcome. Join in the discussion on the Raging Empires forum, and check out the Facebook page for photos.

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