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WWG release Battle Packs: Fantasy Medieval

WorldWorkGames have released their second Battle Packs series of print and play gaming tokens and templates. Battle Packs: Fantasy Medieval From their website:
Following up on Battle Basics, World Works Games presents Battle Pack #2: Fantasy and Medieval. Designed with sword and sorcery in mind, each element is graphically themed to compliment and enhance your gaming experience. Keep tabs on whose turn it is with the sun-dial like turn counter. Rack up the victory points with a tumbler you customize to fit your game's points range. Move troops around the battlefield with ease on movement trays in one of four different formats and three different textures. Need to keep tabs on something on the tabletop? This set has you covered with counters for everything from keeping track of player conditions like poisoning and burning to knowing who's charging or retreating, to targeting, pinning, firing and more. Even the altitude of flying beasts and the condition of siege engines. So oil up your sword and pool your mana, it's time to get medieval on your games.