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Wrummy 3-4-5 - Word Rummy Up on Kickstarter

Wrummy 3-4-5 is a new spin on a classic card game. Instead of getting sets via like-kind or runs, you get sets by making words. So it's a bit of a mix between classic Rummy and Scrabble.
They're up on Kickstarter now and looking for some funding love.


From the campaign:

Wrummy 3-4-5 is simple to learn, difficult to master, and a blast to play for 2-8 players! Draw a card, play words, discard a card. Whoever plays a 3-letter word, a 4-letter word, and a 5-letter word before discarding their last card ends the game. Then add up the points to see who wins! Just like classic rummy, but with words!

Our Wrummy 3-4-5 deck also works with all sorts of games, including:

Wrummy 3-4-5, the classic rummy-type game
Wrummy Poker, including Texas Hold'em, stud, and draw games
Wrummy Solitaire, similar to Klondike rules
and Wrummy Bull$#@! (aka Wrummy Cheat, not pictured)