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Wreck-Age Scenario Contest Happening Now

Hyacinth Games is running a Scenario Contest over in their game forums for Wreck-Age. Simply come up with a scenario for their game, or conversely, you can come up with a scenario for an RPG that's set in the Wreck-Age universe, and post it up. All participants will get a $10 voucher for the Hyacinth Games webshop. Participants will have their scenario posted and the community will vote on the winners.

From the announcement:

We're calling all Wreck Age players to submit their own scenarios/encounters for Wreck Age. This will be an informal contest, and we'll be giving away lots of goodies to those who participate.

Scenarios can be simple or complex:

•Basic: A set amount of RUs against each other. Set up on a table and attempt to achieve your objectives.

•Linked: (multiple encounters that chain together with victory conditions affecting the next game)

•Campaign oriented (Characters advance as they play through the encounter)

•Tournament (100 RUs per side, designed to be played competitively)

•Narrative: designed to be played with a story, or theme in mind.

•Strictly Narrative (designed to be played pen and paper RPG style)

Keep in mind stances (page 193 of the rulebook), and special objectives, particularly secret objectives, where each player doesn't know what the goal of the other is. Also keep in mind the Parlay special rule (page 231 of the rulebook), which can be used in lots of really cool non-combat encounters.

All encounters/scenarios should be play-tested and balanced as well as possible. Keep in mind that other players may be using different factions than you might, so try to keep that in mind as well.

Everyone who participates will get a $10 coupon good towards anything in our web store. We'll let this run for a while and see how it does, and if we get enough participation, we'll have everybody vote on their favorites, with winners being chosen by community vote.

Submissions should be posted in this thread, or emailed to : anton at wreck-age dot net.

We'll pick the best and put them up on the site, and possibly use some for future Wreck Age material.