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Wrath of the Gods Is Now Available For The End of the World RPG from Fantasy Flight Games

The End is nigh! You can run for your lives, but it will not matter! The gods are angry and they will unleash their wrath upon the earth! Weep! Weep for your loved ones as they are torn asunder or driven insane by the mad gods! ... Or so they say in Wrath of the Gods, the new book that is now available for the End of the World RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.

This is the second book in the End of the World RPG line by Álvaro Loman and José M. Rey. It contains 5 different scenarios for how the world could end via divine intervention. There's Cthulhu (of course), the Mayan apocalypse, the rise of plants and animals, there's the 4 Horsemen (not the pro-wrestlers) that could start Armageddon, and finally, the Norse could come back to initiate Ragnarok. As for characters, that's where you come in, almost literally. The game starts with you playing as you, sitting around, playing an RPG, when the End Times start.

You can pick up your copy in the Fantasy Flight Games webshop now.