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Wrath of Kings Rules and Cards Update Posted

Wrath of Kings: Rising Conflicts will be releasing soon. With it will be plenty of new things to add to your forces. But this is more looking back on old releases, but in a new way. Since the game's release, thousands of gamers have played probably a couple hundred-thousand games of Wrath of Kings. Even the most thorough playtesting regimen can't compare, and so certain things might be found that weren't found originally. Well, those cracks have been filled in and a new version of the rulebook, as well as the various stat cards and motivations have been updated on the game's website.

This is a pretty comprehensive updating of the rules. Both the core rules, as well as all the stat cards have been updated to clear up any lingering ambiguous wording, as well as to tweak any rules that weren't working as originally intended. Motivations also got a going-over. In some cases, certain ones were replaced entirely. So you'll want to check out which ones are currently available for your faction. All of the resources: the rulebook, the stat cards, and the motivations, are all available to download now, for free, from the Wrath of Kings website.