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Wrath of Kings Previews Pelgarth Brutes

The first expansion book for Wrath of Kings is on its way. The five major houses are gearing up for war. New soldiers are hitting the battlefields, ready to defend or conquer, depending on what's needed at the time. One group that doesn't seem like the "sit around and wait to defend something" group would be the Pelgarth Brutes, of which we are getting a preview of.

As you can see, they modeled the Brutes after me. ;)
Ok, maybe not so much. But they are a rather beefy group (as you can tell from their threshold 2). They'll help disrupt enemy lines, even if they don't kill them off, thanks to their Chain Pull ability. And the leaders love to get up and close-in with multiple enemies at the same time, able to turn into a whirling dervish and possibly hit several at once.

Stay tuned for more Wrath of Kings previews as we get closer to the new book release.