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Wrath of Kings previews Gorbal The Rampager

Though the focus right now might be on The Others, that doesn't mean that CoolMiniOrNot isn't busy working on its other properties. For example, Wrath of Kings, their fantasy miniatures game is starting to get ready for a new expansion. So what sort of things can you expect from this new book? Well, things like Gorbal the Rampager.

As you can see, Gorbal is one of the werewolf minis for House Goritsi. In fact, he's not just any werewolf, but he's one of the Skorza leaders. In fact, he plays really well with others, since he can regain wounds during a Combined Activation. Though you might want to leave him with at least one point of damage on him, since he gains Unstoppable when hurt. He can also get back at attackers if you put him in charge of your force, potentially generating magic attacks back at enemies.

Stay tuned for more previews of upcoming Wrath of Kings releases.