Wrath of Kings posts up Game Play Core Concepts video

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 22nd, 2013
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Wrath of Kings posted up a video that looks at the core game play concept in this update.

From the update:

In this video we go into detail on troop types, how armies are organized, how combat works, and how leaders vastly increase the effectiveness of individual troops through joint activations.

Please leave any questions you have below and Leif will address them as best as possible.

Also, as we near our $225k stretch goal, here’s our next one – now you know how great Specialists are, how about another one?

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  • jedijon

    They’re pretty looking models.

    It’s always weird – disconcerting maybe – when you view a high level overview for a game with lots of mechanical complexity.

    After showing me there’s at least 5 icons in a damage chart to memorize, we don’t even get to see a dice rolled…and there’s a few minutes of a mock skirmish w/no rulers, no dice, and no actual reference to the rules…just a narrative depiction of the battle.

    So let me summarize what I just saw…Wrath of Kings is going to be a story telling game where I can saw whatever I like just occurred…but only with one dude at a time if he’s outside of command range [which isn’t defined or measured for] 🙂

    Looks like command is the defining TACTICAL mechanic for the gameplay. Just like fear/courage was for Confrontation.