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Wrath Making Its Way Into The Others

The Kickstarter campaign for The Others is coming to a close soon. So, as the time gets short, that generally means the pledges start ramping up as people jump in right near the end. The campaign has made it over the $1m mark and is certain to rise by quite a bit more in these last couple days. These extra pledges are going to be unlocking the last sin for the game: Wrath.

As with all the previous sins, Wrath is being released via three stretch goals. Though these are going in a little different order than before. The Avatar is first, with the Controller, Cards, and Board next. The Abominations come third. The Avatar is already unlocked (there wasn't an updated icon at the time of posting) with the Controller, Cards, and Board just about to be unlocked (quite possibly to have been unlocked by the time you read this). It's just a quick hop, skip, and a jump, then, to the Abominations.

The campaign ends tomorrow at 9pm, Eastern.