Wrath Khadoran Gun Carriage previewed

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Jan 1st, 2011

A member of the Privateer Press forums has posted a photo of the artwork for the Khadoran Gun Carriage figure that will be released as part of the Wrath expansion.

  • Veritas

    I don’t know how I feel about these war engines. In WM the ‘jacks are the focus IMO. Bringing out non-‘jack war engines that dwarf the ‘jacks seems like a slap in the face to the ‘jacks. “Oh, you WERE the name sake of our game, but now we have these shiny, new war engines so you ‘jacks can get to the back of the bus!” Unless Cygnar’s war engine is Nemo getting permission from the church to wake up and overhaul the collosi. Then I’ll be happy as a ‘jack would still be the biggest model in the game. 🙂

    • Zac

      I want to wait and see what the rules are and how they will interact with the rest of the figures but I have to admit that I am rather curious to see how they will pull this off without unbalancing the game

      • Veritas

        To be honest, I’m not concerned about the rules, I’m concerned that PP is making giant centerpiece models that aren’t ‘jacks. WM’s fluff revolves around ‘jacks and their warcasters. I’m worried these war engines will over shadow the ‘jacks.

  • cybogoblin

    Y’know, it makes some logical sense for an army to develop weaponry like this. Warjacks are expensive and time-consuming to make (especially for a country with limited resources locked in a long war). Something like this would be much simpler to make, and easier to repair/replace when it got damaged.

    Also, based on the picture, it doesn’t look that much taller (just wider and longer) than a Warjack, and certainly no taller than a Beheamoth. Sure, it looks like a slippery slope, but I’m guessing the unit’s points cost is going to make it rather prohibitive for smaller battles.

  • Blarg D Impaler

    I’m with Cybogoblin on this – When you start bringing in economic and logistical forces into play the idea of the Khadoran Gun Carriage makes sense.

    But this model also creates two unusual pitfalls that PP will have problems negotiating:

    1) This model, and the others that will assumedly come out for the other factions, signals that to really expand the factions in interesting ways PP will have to start looking at a lot of the non-warcaster oriented items that the various armies would field. The more you do that the more you will start to get away from Warjacks, the signature item that initially drew a lot of players into the game.

    2) What I call “The Capital Imperialis Effect.” In GW’s Epic game system (6mm WH40K that came in different names over the different editions) there was a piece in the earlier editions called the Capital Imperialis. It was a large tracked war engine that was intended to be a very defensible large-volume transport; essentially a mobile small fortress. It was unusual in that it had a high dollar (pound / euro / yen / krugerand / whatever) cost per unit of value in the game. In other words, it wasn’t a very valuable or powerful piece in the game, but it cost a lot to purchase the miniature. Some of the chatter in the forum thread indicate it is not a powerful piece like a warjack but is supposed to be a “super solo.” This makes it sound to me like it is going to have a high dollar cost per unit of value in the game. Anecdotally PP is already having this problem with some other units in the game, the prime example being the Cygnar Trencher Cannon.

    I’m not going to call “DDDOOOOOOMMM!!!” on this until I see it released in detail. One of the reasons why I like playing Warmachine (aside from it being a great game) is because PP has done a lot more things right than they have done wrong, and I have faith that they will pull this and the other related items off well.

  • ninja007

    A few fun facts about the battle engines:

    They are confirmed to be in the single-digit points cost range. They are indeed “super solos”.

    They cannot use Focus, and cannot replace or overshadow warjacks. They are just big, not as complex, not more powerful. You will not see them every game, they fill a role- like anything else.

    They are not part of a Battlegroup.

    PP intends them to be used in situations where one “wants more huge guns but already have many warjacks and can’t afford the Focus for another one”. These are Plan B/ supplementary models, not alternates, not replacements for warjacks.

    The only existing resin model PP sells is the Titan Extreme. That one is very roughly the same size (about the same mass but a very different shape). The Titan costs $60. Smartest bet is that the war engines will be somewhere in that ballpark…my personal guess would be $75 or so, with some being cheaper than others. The preview is the KHADORAN one, after all, a faction defined by its massive, bulky models. Expect the others to be smaller or less bulky, which may or may not translate to less dollars spent.

    The idea that you are “not getting as many points per dollar” is a fallacy and a non-issue. PP simply does not follow a points/dollars model. In Jason Soles’ own words “they do not design rules around miniatures restrictions nor design rules based on dollars”. A $10 warcaster can be the most powerful model in the game and GIVE you points, a $30 unit is often the same points or more points than a $85 unit. They price based strictly on materials, complexity and number of parts. Points cost does not and SHOULD NEVER relate to that. If you want the most “points per dollar” there are plenty of ways to shop accordingly when making an army, but it would be ruinously stupid to design rules based on that.