Wow. Such card game. So funding.

Dogecards wants to send Doge to the moon and with your funding, they can create a card game to do just that.


From the campaign:

DogeCards is 2-4 player parody game lasting about 5-25 minutes for ages 7-1337 and printed in the USA. Your objective is to be the first player to take Doge to the moon!

Internet celebrity and cyrptocurrency enthusiast Doge has a dream of going to the moon! Take the reigns of a NewSpace company (real or made up) to build him a rocket and entice him to ride with you instead of a different company (player)

To do this you’ll acquire dogecoin throughout the game to spend on Shiny! things to attract Doge to you. Doge will always be moving between the players, going the player with the most Shiny! objects!