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Wormhole: Verus Cargo Frigate

WorldWorksGames have released the Verus Cargo Frigate for their print and play space combat game Wormhole. Verus Cargo Frigate From their website:
Older Hastarti Class Frigates are often turned into the Cargo Variant for use in logistics.  Due to increasing pirate raids they are usually lightly armed. This free preview of the upcomming Verus race and fleet for the Wormhole game system features the Hastati Class Cargo Frigate, a (generally) noncombatant vessel of the Verus fleet.  Inferior in combat to the more battle-ready Missile and Plasma Frigates, the Cargo Frigate still has some combat capability to it, and can fill a number of logistical (or scenrio-specific) roles. Included in this package is the data card, build instructions, and both the simple (quick build) and advanced (more detailed) versions of the Verus Cargo Frigate, in Republic, Nomad, and Pirate sub-race variations. Full GSD cutfile support is provided, for those of you who have a paper cutter. We sincerely hope you enjoy this first glance at the Verus fleet, and are looking forward to the full race release due out later this year.