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WorldWorksGames website relaunched

WorldWorksGames have relaunched their website with a new online store and several other features. From their website:
WorldWorksGames is nearing its 10th anniversary and as astounding as that number is to those of us who've been around since the beginning, what's more exciting is just how far we have left to go. This decade long journey saw WWG setting many new standards, occasionally fumbling but always pushing the limits of where we could take the medium and the market. The journey has taught us that the road isn't just long, it never truly ends and each new place we visit is more amazing than the last. Put simply; WorldWorksGames has finally come of age and we want you by our side as we explore new paths. We can't say the above without mentioning the incredible nature of the community which has formed around us over the past decade. Bar none, the WorldWorksGames community is one of the friendliest, most supportive communities out there. You simply won't meet a better group of people and we are constantly humbled by how fortunate we are to have you along with us for the ride.