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WorldWorksGames release Mayhem Corporate

WorldWorkGames have released the Mayhem Corporate paper terrain kit. Mayhem Corporate From their website:
Presenting WorldWorksGames second release in the SwiftScenics terrain line: Mayhem Corporate! SwiftScenics allows gamers to quickly and easily build a variety of multistory structures in a very short time. Structures can be collapsed flat for storage or mounted for permanent, static builds. Building props slot in and out of anchor points and are fully interchangeable with elements from other SwiftScenics sets. Mayhem Corporate evokes the classic feel of great towers of industry. Equally at home in distopian sci-fi settings, modern and near modern eras, even pulp games! Add balconies for sniping or bridges to connecting buildings high above street level! Personalize your building with flags and decorative rooftop statues and top it off with a gleaming spire of glass and gold so everyone knows who's really running this town!