WorldWorksGames reboots Mayhem terrain series

WorldWorksGames have begun to rerelease the Mayhem terrain series using their new TerrainlinX system. The first two new sets are now available.


From their announcement:

WorldWorksGames continues its rapid expansion of the popular TerrainlinX lineup. This time we revisit our groundbreaking city of Mayhem line with two astounding starter releases…

Mayhem: Streets of Legend“: Dynamic city road/infrastructure themes in 3 vital settings; Clean, Dirty & Apocalyptic. Multi-lane highways of any width, multi-level roadways, overpasses, underground road networks, tight suburban roads, pedestrian bridges, ramps, stairs, helipads and more.

Mayhem: Armoury #1 / TerrainlinX Edition“A seedy gun shop on steroids. Episode 1 of the Armoury expands to a massive weapons clearing house with shooting ranges and unlimited building configuration potential. This isn’t one static, single usage build, this is all the raw components you need to create any seedy downtown building (and not to stress the point but…) on-the-fly!