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WorldWorkGames release Necroblock terrain set

WorldWorkGames have released the Necroblock paper terrain set, the first set in their new SwiftScenics terrain line. Necroblock From their website:
Introducing WorldWorksGames first release in the SwiftScenics terrain line. SwiftScenics allows gamers to quickly and easily build a variety of multistory structures to fill large sections of their game table in a very short time. Structures can be collapsed flat for storage or permanently mounted for static builds. Building props slot in and out of anchor points to create new looks with just a few simple items.
Necroblock is a genre mashing setting which combines the aesthetics of steam-punk with Neogothic flair. Perfect for dark, distopian sci-fi, Victorian steampunk or even high fantasy! Add balconies for ideal snipping opportunities or Gargoyle perches for high-stakes cliff hangers! Necroblock includes all of the following:
  • Tall and short front entrance arch attachments
  • Detachable balconies with bracing support
  • Detachable Gargoyle Perches
  • Detachable corner Spires
  • 4 entrance wall variants (Facing walls)
  • 4 sidewall variants
  • Removable roofing
  • Internal bracings
  • Optional mounting template
  • Easy to follow directions