Worldsmith Industries unlocks Human Corps wreck markers, heading toward Space Elf

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 9th, 2013

Worldsmith Industries has unlocked the Human Corps wreck markers over on their Kickstarter. Next is Space Elves.

From the update:

Thanks to your support, the Human Corps wrecks have been unlocked! The Human Corp Walkers are now available as a Category A wreck, and the Human Corp Transport Tank (which is sized correctly for vehicles built on a transport or battle tank chassis) is available as a Category C wreck.

Next for your consideration, I present to you a veritable Space Elfapalooza. When the elves left Middle Earth, the other races were a bit relieved. While elves are beautiful, and graceful, and long-lived, they’re also pretty full of themselves. Frankly, they’re jerks. You can imagine, therefore, the disappointment of the human race once they took to the stars and rediscovered their old friends, the elves. It turns out the space elves are just as insufferable as elves, and their long stint wandering the galaxy did nothing to instill a sense of modesty in them. Thus, when they took to battling one another, the other races took particular delight in watching the space elf vehicles explode.

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  • grimbergen

    So when the ships crash, they are completely intact and leave a perfect footprint of their shape, yet the actual parts of the craft represented in the sculpt have been mangled and strewn about?

    • My question is where did all the rocks come from? All nice slate rocks with no sign of heat damage or anything.

      Clearly the battle was taking place in a gravel pit, like a giant gravel pit, or maybe a high school baseball field for titans.

  • surprize

    Baffled. 21 people pledging $1.5k. The thing is you go to the trouble of painting them up and frankly they look worse than taking the turret off and sticking some cotton wool smoke on the destroyed vehicle. Or just replacing it with a crater.

    • grimbergen

      I remember seeing this the first day as it skyrocketed to the hot list in kicktraq. The first 2 backers are newbies that just signed up with no other backings — this is understandable as many campaigns begin this way with friends of the campaign starters or facebook fans jumping in.

      But what really struck me as interesting, is that they hit their target exactly on the first day. Now there were certainly other backers with more established (but still low) backing histories on day 1, and we have no info on how little or how much each baker put in. So yeah, I’m just ranting with no evidence and you can ignore me.

      • Daniel36

        For what it’s worth, I enjoyed your rambling.

        I don’t like the look of these. I didn’t like the look of the other onesn either.
        Then again, I kind of dislike anyone who tries to create “not GW” products. If all of them would come up with their own stuff (or generic stuff) instead, we would have so much more cool stuff.

        • AccessDenied

          Even their own generic stuff would have to be better designed than what they have. It looks like they were stomped flat by a giant or something.

  • Gallant

    There is something so fishy about this campaign. The comments are just the project creator, a buddy of his, and one guy asking why there are no other comments.