World’s End Radio posts episode 78 – Wiggy Wild

World’s End Radio has posted episode 78 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

Saddle up, lock and load! In this episode, Luke & Mike venture out into the deadly lands of Wild West Exodus! To explore this fantastic new miniatures game, we have not one – but TWO awesome industry interviews!

In addition to all of our regular features, we catch up with our friend Craig Gallant (of D6 Generation fame) to chat about the content he’s crafted for the Wild West Exodus setting as well as his recent adventures in the writing world. We then pin down Romeo Filip from Outlaw Miniatures to chat about how the concept for the game developed, as well as all of the trials and tribulations of getting a brand new miniatures game and games company off the ground. It’s another 3+ hours of unmissable entertainment!