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World’s End Radio Episode #0 – Zero Signal

World's End Radio takes a trip down memory lane for their 6th anniversary.



In this episode:

Today, on our show’s 6th(!) anniversary – take a journey with us, back to where it all began…

80+ episodes in, it can be a little tough to jump into a podcast as a new listener. But if you want to do just that, then this is the episode for you!

In this episode, your hosts Luke Retallack and Mike Basc introduce you to World’s End Radio. Just what is this show all about? What is miniature gaming and why do we love it so much? What kind of stuff is out there, and who are the main players in this industry of ours? We discuss all of the above, as well as a healthy amount of general gaming fun and hobby banter. Want to get stuck in at the beginning? Buckle up, because this – is The End!