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World of Twilight shows off new Devanu

World of Twilight has another new model to show us. This time it's a new Devanu.

From the announcement:

Today I've got a new Devanu to share.
The Devanu are a predatory race that once ruled the world, but now scrape for survival in tribes on the edges of the Fubarnii Empire.

When Devanu youngsters (jenta) reach a certain age they are kicked out of their tribe and they either die, latch onto another tribe, or on some occasions particularly powerful young jenta will pull together a group of other jenta. These bands are particularly dangerous as they are often more desperate and less careful than the more established tribes.

This is the first Twilight mini sculpted by Aaron Brown, but I'm hoping to see more from him in the future.

I'm going to have some master castings of the Alpha Jenta available at Salute and Conpulsion, prior to her full release later in the year.