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World of Twilight previews for Salute

Michael Thorp from World of Twilight has details of the previews from his fantasy range that will be available to view at Salute 2011. Light Cav Group From his announcement:
The World of Twilight will once again be attending Salute this year, with a much larger demo game and a slightly larger stand. I’ve been working hard over the last few months to get a bunch more sculpts ready, so there will be lots of new releases. I’ll post details of all the new releases and deals over the next week or so, but for the moment I would like to share a couple of previews of those releases that I will have at Salute. For those who haven't heard of it, the World of Twilight is a quirky little fantasy skirmish game, set in an alternative setting without any of the usual suspects (including humans) where the diminutive Fubarnii struggle against the predatory Devanu. First up we have the Herder Light Cavalry, which were sculpted by Mark Craggs. These will be released with throwing spears as standard, but Mark has done a bunch of alternative arms and equipment that will be available as an upgrade pack. By Fubarnii standards, Captain Danomar is an imposing character, bringing the Fubarnii Empire some more powerful cavalry, leading the heavily armoured Knights of Relan.