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World of Twilight preview KalGush

Mike Thorp has posted a preview of the KalGush figure for his World of Twilight game. KalGush From their announcement:
In the run-up to Salute I'm previewing lots of new releases for the World of Twilight and today I'm quite excited to share the KalGush with you. The Delgon have recently started fielding the KalGush soldiers within their ranks. They carry 'Gushraks' that have been modified from devices used throughout the empire for fertilising fungal crops. The Delgon have experimented with a number of different contents for the gushrak, generally consisting of noxious or flammable liquids, but some more enterprising KalGush have tried converting the gushrak into a full blown flame thrower. Pre-release master castings will be available at Salute and I'll be posting a full list of prices and Salute deals as soon as I've figured out what they are. The model was sculpted by Mike Thorp and painted by Ben Brownlie.