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World of Twilight Preview: Eragu Warrior

World of Twilight has a preview for us today, the Eragu Warrior. They've also got a new Facebook page you should check out.

From the preview:

To celebrate the launch of the Facebook page and the recent refresh of the World of Twilight website we thought we would share a preview of an upcoming release!

The Eragu are a race of Fubarnii who live on the frozen coasts to the North West of the Empire. They are occasionally seen as mercenaries in militias across the Empire, towering over their southern cousins.

This sculpt showcases the talents of two new World of Twilight artists, with Andrew May providing the sculpting talents and Joe Karame showing off his skills with a brush. They've both done a great job capturing the spirit of the setting and I'm looking forward to sharing more from them soon! He will be available shortly and will be the first release in a range we are calling the 'Races of Anyaral' that will initially be cast in resin and will allow us to showcase some of the more unusual Fubarnii races from across Anyaral.