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World of Twilight on Fire

World of Twilight, the fantasy skirmish game, is up on Kickstarter and burning it up, already making more than 8x their funding goal.


From the campaign:

Over the last year I have been slaving away on Travels through Anyaral, the third book set in the World of Twilight. It has proved to be a larger task than originally planned as the range has grown substantially since 'Of Gods and Demons' was published three years ago and there was so much I wanted to squeeze in! This book has ended up with many more densely populated pages and rules for more figures than both the first two books put together.

I am now proud to present Travels through Anyaral, a 52 page full colour paperback A5 rulebook that tells the story of Danakan, a reluctant Fubarnii who has the dubious pleasure of travelling across the continent of Anyaral. The book follows his journey from the provincial coasts of his homelands, through the dangerous Argoran Wastes to the mighty city of Gar Loren. From there Danakan travels into the icy realms of the secretive Delgon before he braves the sea to sail home aboard an Enguan ship. The book uses the story of Danakan's travels to introduce exciting new rules for bringing themed forces from across these lands to your games of Twilight, as well as giving a view of the varied history of these lands. In addition to the new rules, there are several scenarios to add new twists and variety to your games.