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World of Twilight gives another couple Salute previews

World of Twilight is on their way to Salute. But before they go, they want to show just a few more previews for the show.

From the preview:

One last update before we pack our bags for Salute! I've not announced all the new releases we'll have on Saturday, or the excellent deals and preorders that are available, but there are more details on our Forum.

In the meantime I just wanted to leave you with a few final pics of releases.
We have the elegantly dressed Noble, showing the height of Empire fashion with his large hat and long fake tail. The two robed priests are NuraSen Gohral and one of his assistant 'NuraKira' Acolytes. While Gohral does his best to stay well back from the enemy lines, it is the NuraKira who are often seen at the front, urging their troops forward.
Finally, I would like to share a new big beastie that is currently being cast in resin. You may remember that last year I had a small herd of resin belan with me and I promised a number of people that I would do a laden version. It took a while, but he is finally here! Almost... I don't think I'll have many at Salute, but I wanted to show him off anyway!

I hope to see you on Saturday! If you can't make it to Salute then Pyre Studios will be mirroring nearly all the same deals in their store, so you don't have to miss out.