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World of Mists fantasy RPG up on Kickstarter

World of Mists is a new fantasy setting for the Pathfinder system that's up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love.


From the campaign:

World of Mists is a crowdfunding project for a high quality tabletop role-play game. We want to overcome the standard barrier to offer you only the best, and to do so we recruited a team of great artists and researchers from all over the world, ready to create a never-seen-before tabletop role-play game. But to turn all this into an amazing reality, we need your help! Are you ready to create a high quality role-play game? If you are a dreamer, you definitely don’t lack an adventurous spirit, and the idea is already making your head spin, then welcome on board! You probably shouted “WoW!!!”, but we prefer: WoM!