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World of Aetaltis RPG Setting Up On Kickstarter

With the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons, many groups are forming up to get their RPG-self on. But where will you set your game? Coming up with a world entirely on your own can be rough. Thankfully, there's world guides out there that can give you all the information you need about a setting. If you want one that evokes classic fantasy like that found in Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms, you should check out World of Aetaltis, up on Kickstarter now.

So you've got your forest-dwelilng elves and your mountain-minig dwarves. Those are things you'd expect. But World of Aetaltis also gives you new races like the scythaaa, who are a group of desert-dwelling lizardfolk. Or you might run into drothmal in the North, who are a hardy group of warriors (akin to Vikings, I would assume). Perhaps you will make contact with the Atlan Alliance, a group of races that are left on this world after their own homeworld collapsed (a wizard probably did it).

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. They're close to 1/7 funded with still 33 days left to go.