World of Aerithn, a new Fantasy RPG setting, up on Kickstarter

World of Aerithn is a new, system-free, fantasy RPG world. They’re looking to get some funding over on Kickstarter.

World of Aerithn


From the campaign:

Here is a small sample of the story and history of the land!
World of Aerithn

The Great War was over 285 years ago, this Great War pitted man versus beast, dwarf versus orc and elf versus demons. This war was started by the old religions that attempted to conquer the lands of Aerithn bringing the hordes of evil monsters and evil men against the spiritual and righteous men of good. This battle took place in the Planes of Oblivion this sacred place now lays in waste of recovery in swamp and barrens from the death that occurred there, this once great field of honor now a mass grave and one of the most barren area’s in the land.