World at War – Panzer Prototypes released

World at War - Panzer PrototypesA.D. Publishing have released the Battlefield Evolution: World at War Panzer Prototypes supplement.

From their announcement:
World at War: Panzer Prototypes is your comprehensive guide to using the planned tanks of the Entwicklungsserie – E-Series – Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Battlefield Evolution: World at War.

Each unit and vehicle is detailed with extensive background information, weapon load outs and pictures.

Included are the E-10, E-15, E-25, E-25 StuH, E-50, E-50 AA variant, E-75, E-100, E-100 Ausf. B, E-100 AA variant and E-100 Krokodil tank destroyer tanks.

The book also provides new or modified traits necessary to play with the units of this book, modified Advanced Rules to enhance your games even further and an AFV force list.

All units in this book are designed by the same principles as the existing vehicles in the Battlefield Evolution: World at War rulebook and Battlefield Evolution: Pacific War Supplement also written by Agis Neugebauer.

This book requires the use of Battlefield Evolution: World at War, available from Mongoose Publishing.

You can download the book via the Wargame Vault