World at War: Gear Krieg Banzai! in final layout stage

A.D. Publishing are reporting that their World at War: Gear Krieg Banzai! book is nearing completion.


From their announcement:

The book follows our established and successful format.

Gear Krieg – Banzai! is a comprehensive guide to using the Japanese superscience infantry forces and the famous superscience walker in Battlefield Evolution World at War: Gear Krieg. It also provides the rich and detailed background of the Pacific War in the Gear Krieg universe. Over 10 pages will just be on the background of the conflict in the Pacific theatre of the Gear Krieg universe.

Included are 5 Shiki 38 variants, 6 different Shiki 41, 2 Watatsumi and 1 Hachiman combat walker configurations. The book also provides new Traits and weapons, four Infantry Army lists (Betsudotai Ninja Special Forces Platoon, Imperial Japanese Koumajutsu (Zombie) Platoon, Imperial Japanese Oni Trooper Platoon, Imperial Japanese Supersoldier), an AFV and Combat Walker force list and an extended Japanese armoury to add to your games of World at War: Gear Krieg.

The keen reader will have noticed two new Japanese Walker names! The Watatsumi and Hachiman are new designs! DP9 and I talked a lot about the possibility of the new Shiki models and agreed to use them a bit more to provide the Japanese players some more toys.

All vehicles in this book will be 100% compatible and consistent with existing vehicles in the Battlefield Evolution: World at War rulebook and all the A.D.Publishing Compendiums also written by me.

This book will require the use of Battlefield Evolution: World at War, available from Mongoose Publishing.
It will be out and available within the next weeks via the Wargames Vault.