World at War: America Conquered available for pre-order

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Aug 26th, 2011
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World at War: America ConqueredLock’ n Load Publishing are now accepting pre-orders for their World at War: America Conquered boardgame.

From their announcement:

The nukes have flown, and darkness has spread across the globe. Yet the missiles didn’t bring the apocalypse many had predicted. Rather than total, the exchange of nuclear-tipped missiles was limited. Rather than complete, the destruction was merely crippling. Now the war continues, fought with a strange mixture of equipment—some of it more suited to a museum, some of it fresh off the assembly line, and now the war has moved to the shores of America. For more information, and/or place a P500 preorder.

  • grimbergen

    Interesting premise… not something I’ve seen explored before, the possibility of the major powers being locked in Europe leaving the US open for banana republic invasions.

    However the cover art really bothers me as M4s are only popular today due to urban fighting in the middle east; I doubt CAR-15s or Colt Commandos would be considered iconic for an 80s theme.